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Fiber Optic Tool Kits

Fiber Optic Tool Kit is very important in fiber optic installation and maintenance works. It puts a certain type of fiber optic tools into one kit to make work easier. The tools used in the kit are thoughtfully assembled and stored in high-quality cases which keep them safe, neat and in proper working order. Fiber-Mart provides various types of fiber optic tool kits including mechanical splice kits, fusion splicing kits, fiber optic test tool kits, fiber optic termination kits, optical fiber construction tool kits and fiber optic polishing tool kits. Mechanical splice kit and fusion splicing kit are fiber optic splicing kits which are used in fiber optic splicing. Fiber optic test tool kit is used to inspect fiber optic equipments during the production or for trouble shooting. Fiber optic termination kit is used for fiber termination and contains tools those used to strip, prep, terminate, crimp, polish and inspect fiber optic cable connectors. For more information, please contact our sales representative right now.

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